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Good morning Danielle, I started your book this morning. After meditation, I began reading and read through the introduction. There was no warning that I could find " this book, even the introduction may bring one to tears. I think it may have been understanding your story. I too am grateful for the Brene Brown course. And reviewed my part again after a couple of years. Also finding we speak the same language now is a POW-WOW. I will be eagerly anxious to read a chapter every morning, early, when even the dogs are sleeping. Beautiful introduction, I am really excited about reading your book and breaking it down during class. I left a few tears on a few pages, I had no idea Sprit would be affirming your words on the page. I will say now, your book is an enjoyable read and the only kind I would enjoy. Congratulations, I never read an introduction that brought tears from understanding. Only the introduction is a great send off to the rest of the story. Love it .

Raymond Bell

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