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Learn Why You Need Mindfulness


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Here's What Other's Are Saying About the Book

Raymond Bell

"Good morning Danielle, I started your book today. After meditation, I read through the introduction. There was no warning that I could find that even the introduction may bring one to tears. I think it may have been understanding your story. I too am grateful for the Brene Brown course, and reviewed my part again after a couple of years. Also finding we speak the same language now is a POW-WOW. I will be eagerly anxious to read a chapter every morning, early, when the dogs are sleeping. Beautiful introduction, I am really excited about reading your book and breaking it down during class. I left a few tears on a few pages. I had no idea Sprit would be affirming your words on the page. I will say now, that your book is the only kind I would enjoy. Congratulations, I never read an introduction that brought tears from understanding. The introduction is a great send-off "to the rest of the story. Love it.

Experience profound transformational growth as Dannielle, an Herbal Educator from the White Mountains of Arizona, guides you through these powerful weeks of self-discovery. Embrace relatable metaphors and actionable wisdom, as you traverse the landscape of your life, rewriting your story along the way. "Stop Abusing Yourself With Your Past" is your compass, navigating the complexities of existence with accountability, micro rituals that matter, and greater self-awareness. Step into this journey and shape the empowered life you deserve by digging into challenging topics with the author. Sometimes it takes a bulldozer and a warm cup of tea to get to all of that “stuff” we didn’t know that we didn’t know. Your transformation starts now.

Dive In!

This captivating journey merges personal narratives, scientific insight, and spiritual wisdom into daily practices that are personally empowering. Explore these pivotal waypoints:

  • Week 1-2: Lay the foundation and untangle depression's complexities.

  • Week 3-4: Master mindfulness, gratitude, and mental health.

  • Week 5-6: Cultivate resilience, weed self-criticism, and embrace forgiveness.

  • Week 7-8: Reclaim your story, define your purpose, and forge accountability.

  • Week 9-10: Enhance resilience, discover values, and empower yourself.

  • Week 11-12: Shape your mission, harvest growth, and transform.

Some questions to get us started. If any of these resonate with you, this might just be the book you’ve been waiting for. Are you the source of your own suffering? Are your Hero and Villain friends, or foes? Do your stories make you smile or cry? Do you feel stuck? Can you talk about your trauma without raising your blood pressure? If not, then you have not processed it properly.

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