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The Story of the 3C Salve

Updated: Sep 17

I developed the 3C salve in 1999. At the time, I had horrible candida rashes that were painful and would become so severe that they bled, and the flesh on my knuckles would sluff off my hands, leaving exposed canyons of raw skin and open wounds.

Gross, I know...

  • Comfrey

  • Calendula

  • Chaparral

On a journey that began as a self healing mission, I delved into the plant kingdom for answers. They heard my cry and replied. I had no idea how to make a salve. I had no idea exactly what these 3 plants were and why I needed them. I listened to tapes on herbs. I read many books I didn’t understand. I sought out people that knew more than I did.

I made a simple preparation with olive oil and beeswax and these 3 plants and started using it on my rashes with very good results. The pain lessened, recovery time was faster, the rashes were disappearing and the deep canyons were closing up without scarring. But it kept coming back.

It wasn’t until years later that I learned about healing taking place from the inside out. I drastically changed my lifestyle, my diet and my thoughts. The effects seemed miraculous to me at the time. Although, we aren’t perfect and I would still eat the foods that were contributing to the problem, I still had doubts and fears and stresses that dragged me down, I still worried relentlessly, so I still got the rashes. I use the salve to this day and it continues to help with the few symptoms that are left, when I am harder on myself than the world is.

One day I finally decided to share it with others. Then my friends and family started asking me for it. I shipped 3C salve across the country to my family, their friends and people I didn't know.

A variety of skin complaints can be eased by using 3C salve; eczema, psoriasis, weepy rashes and scratches, acne, boils, dryness of lips, feet, elbows inner nose, hands and anywhere else, skin tears, hemorrhoids and even the sores that are left from a bloody nose or the sensitive and sometimes painful rash associated with STD’s. The uses are limitless since Comfrey repairs flesh, Calendula cleanses it, and Chaparral fights infection. It is a complete formula.

I learned very quickly that it is safe to use externally and internally anywhere on the body and clean enough to use for children, elderly and pets with no health concerns or side effects. It is truly a blessing to any medicine cabinet.

As my very first product, I feel like this is the one that started it all. It opened up the deep rabbit hole of health, healing and magic that can be gleaned from learning the language of plants.

~Dannielle Nelson

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