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The Book You've Been Waiting For

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Stop Abusing Yourself With Your Past

A Comprehensive Guide to being Human.

Dannielle Nelson is best known for her article contributions on Vocal Medium which won her several top stories in 2021. Stop Abusing Yourself With Your Past is her debut personal development book, offering this philosophical therapy for being human. Meandering down the path of her personal stories, compiling data from world-renowned authorities from both science and spirituality, she offers the reader over 100 introspective questions. With accountability practices, you can cultivate a meaningful existence by taking power back into your own hands. Her combination of wit, metaphors, and digging into the hard topics with a bulldozer and a warm cup of tea has made her works relatable as well as engaging.

As an Herbal Educator of the White Mountains of Arizona, Dannielle has dedicated her life to educating people, one plant at a time. In this book, you are that plant. What do you struggle with most? Are you dancing through life or dragging yourself kicking and screaming? Are you the source of your own suffering? Are your Hero and Villain friends, or foes? Take a deep breath, and step into the unknown parts of your psyche as she holds your hand through your personal journey of self-empowerment.

Preorder your copy by clicking the button below! Release dates will become available as we get closer to production.

(Mid January 2023 is our goal)

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